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Looking for fine art lessons? I love sharing my expertise with others. View testimonies of former students on the homepage. Pick the best way for you to learn:


– I teach art workshops as I travel. Check the schedule below for the latest offerings. Workshops combine demonstration, discussion, critique, one-on-one instruction, and hands-on experience.

Online Art Lessons

– Sign up for a one-on-one lesson with critique. We’ll connect using Skype so you can be anywhere in the world.


– See how I created some of the art displayed on this site.

Email your questions – Great for quick questions where you need a quick response.

I am planning a series of art workshops in Hermanus, Western Cape. I also plan to teach some art lessons in Clarens and Johannesburg as my schedule allows. Contact me for more information.

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Scheduled workshops

Xishi Park, China

Xishi Park, China

Below is a quick video made of Chris while he was plein air painting on our recent trip to China.  Xishi Park is a magical place, full of history and culture. 

Workshop Descriptions

Chris teaches a series of workshops that builds upon skills to bring even an absolute beginner to being able to paint and draw. This list is a basic guide to what he teaches, as lessons are adapted to the time available for the workshop and the needs of the students.

Drawing Fundamentals (graphite on paper)

improvement of drawing skills, proportions, negative space, right brain exercises, blind contour, rapid drawing, sight sizing, drawing through, cross contour, media studies, enveloping, line variation, drawing curves with straight lines, simplification and squinting, checking accuracy, reverse sight sizing, linear perspective

Value (charcoal on paper)

value scales, simultaneous contrast, lost and found edges, value structure, media studies, building form, illusion of depth, dominant values, geometric solids, blending techniques, negative drawing

Composition (charcoal and ballpoint pen on paper)

division of space, elements of design, principles of design, planning a composition, simplifying design, asymmetry, picture plane formats, cropping

Color Theory (pastel on paper or any color media)

language of color, lightfastness, color wheel, color notation, color mapping, color strings, double primary system, palette selection, color schemes, atmospheric perspective, lowering chroma, color temperature, separating color from value, limited palettes, creating chromatic neutrals, maintaining color harmony, color coronas, subsurface scattering, light source colors, optical mixing, isolation techniques

Pastel Painting (pastel on paper)

how pastel is made, pastel selection, color mixing, swatch matching, application techniques, types of pastels

Advanced Pastel Painting (pastel on panel)

custom pastel surfaces, underpainting, sequencing, edge control, glazing, framing pastels

Watercolor Painting (watercolor on paper)

palette and brush selection, watercolor papers, brushwork, glaze/wash/drybrush technique, advanced techniques, using transparent effects

Acrylic Painting (acrylic on panel or canvas)

history of acrylic, advantages of acrylic paint, surface preparation, brushwork, mixing colors, grisaille underpainting

Plein Air Painting (any medium)

equipment tips, setting up, selecting a composition, planning for changing conditions, capturing the essence, enhancing atmosphere and depth, binocular disparity

Portraiture (any medium)

basic facial anatomy, form first, seeing skin colors, portrait composition, lighting styles, color harmony, limited palettes, mixing flesh colors

Recent Workshops

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Landscape Painting Retreat- Stanford Valley Guest Farm

Landscape Painting Retreat- Stanford Valley Guest Farm

May 13th marked the end of an intense 3 day landscape painting retreat ReidsArt held Stanford Valley Guest Farm! The students worked diligently, and saw major improvements in their landscape paintings under Chris's tutelage. Special thanks to the venue for allowing us...

Pastel Workshop- Creative Arts Atelier

Pastel Workshop- Creative Arts Atelier

Thanks to Creative Arts Atelier in Durbanville for hosting a pastel workshop! I've hopefully given the students a good start and gotten them inspired to keep going with it on their own. Looking forward to returning to this venue in the future.

Landscape Workshop- Bryanston

Landscape Workshop- Bryanston

The Landscape Painting Workshop in Bryanston went wonderfully! Chris gave a short lecture and a pastel demo on day one. Students then painted around the garden and completed their paintings on the second day. Special thanks to Myrtle Wilson for providing such a...

Figure Drawing Workshop- The Art Farm, Alberton

Figure Drawing Workshop- The Art Farm, Alberton

The Art Farm Figure Drawing Workshop in Alberton was a great experience for everyone! Students learned a wealth of information from Chris regarding painting the human figure- information that they will also be able to apply to any type of art they create. Special...

Portrait Workshop- ReidsArt Studio

Portrait Workshop- ReidsArt Studio

Everyone had a great time and learned a lot at the portrait workshop! Special thanks to Sonja Fourie for modeling. I had fun preparing meals to help everyone stay refueled. We even broke out some nonalcoholic peach champagne for the final burst of energy at the end of...

WCAS Demo April 2017

WCAS Demo April 2017

Members of WCAS (Western Cape Artists' Society) enjoyed a portrait demonstration led by Chris on April 22nd in Somerset West. Thank you Rowland Hobbs for sitting! The demo was followed by a pastel workshop for members on May 13th.