“This show is largely a collection of men who are yearning for something greater than they have and are suffering from the lack of it. In multiple shades of color and black-and-white, I see man’s physique as strength and his despair as the weakness pulling him back. The artists have captured contemporary images that are imbued with a timeless pathos.”

Winner — Agony of Defeat by Christopher Reid
“Life today is so hard for many people but none more so than black men. This man’s shoulders are heaving under the weight of Atlas. He has lost so much although we don’t know what….perhaps a ball game or a fight or a wager or even a job. Maybe he was ridiculed or humiliated. Now he must pull himself together and start anew. His endurance should motivate all of us. I’m touched by the emotions in his figure, the casually strewn objects, his desolate position on the bench and the warm colors. Even though his face is partially obscured, the feelings are intense. He captures the image of a contemporary man.”

Reid also received an honorable mention for his charcoal drawing Christinas
“Beautiful drawing and sparkling shadows of light on the skin.”Christinas