Artist Christopher Reid was a juried exhibition winner in Linus Gallery’s Portraiture competition with his painting “Tools Of The Artist”, a self-portrait in watercolor.

About his painting, Reid said, “This painting is a self-portrait that I painted using a small handheld shaving mirror. I wanted to show the true tools of the artist, the eyes. You will notice that my hand with a paintbrush is reflected in the glasses and my silhouette is visible in my pupil. While the hand is an important part of artistic creation, it is the eyes that are most important. They allow me to observe things that non-artists don’t notice and to examine my own work in self-critique. I do at least one self-portrait a year in order to benchmark my progress as an artist and to observe the effects of aging. It is only while painting self-portraits that I realize how serious I look when I am focused on painting!

A funny thing happened while painting this portrait. When I began, there was a large white shape in the reflection of my glasses. I laid in a light wash as a sort of block-in for the lenses and then worked on the rest of the painting. When I came back to the glasses later the shape was gone. I was perplexed, until I realized that the shape had been the reflection of the blank watercolor paper on my board. As I painted, the reflection had constantly changed!  I liked that this painting reflects the process of creating art. We adapt what we see with artistic license in order to better capture the essence of our subject.”