Artwork For Sale- Nudes

Nude drawings and paintings done during life drawing sessions.

Kyle’s Back

Female Nude

Josie Seated


Jane Blonde

Reclining Male Nude

Reclining Female Back

Josie’s Back

Two Male Nudes

Josie With Tuquoise Scarf, Reclining

Seated Male Nude

Josie With Turquoise Scarf, Seated

Female Nude II

Three Seated Female Nudes

Female Nude

Check back often to see my latest paintings. I paint: landscapes, portraits, pet portraits, wildlife, seascapes, water, reflections, still lifes, nudes, and everthing in between. I look for beauty in everyday scenes and something ordinary can be made magical by the light falling on it just just right.

I would love to hear what you think of my art!