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The new book PASTEL PAINTING is available for preorders and you can buy the eBook version now!

Book tour is kicking off with live events!

Don’t miss your chance to get a signed copy of the book, ask questions, and see pastel techniques demonstrated.

August 26th | The Deckle Edge, Salt River, Cape Town
September 1st | Artland, Claremont, Cape Town
"David" pastel painting by Christopher Reid (ReidsArt)

No News Was Good News!

Covid put many of our plans on hold, and brought much sad news. Then our son David was born August 30th 2021. We are so grateful for this amazing little boy and have been unable to keep up with posting while he gets settled into his role as the boss of our home. To the right is the first portrait of him, painted life size in pastel.

We have not been updating the news and awards or sent out The Artificate in quite a while. We are working on getting everything up to date now.

"Lotus Leaves" watercolor painting by Christopher Reid (ReidsArt)

ReidsArt website reboot

We have completely redone this website from the ground up. We are busy adding features and resources just for you. We’d love to hear what you think of it in the form on the Contact page. Also, check back soon to see more new additions.

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If you ever have the opportunity to attend a workshop or art class with Christopher, grab the opportunity. I have done two workshops with Christopher. He is open and shares his knowledge/information freely. I find he is a book of knowledge and would still attend his workshop even if it was just theory.Sonica Odendaal

Chris is a talented artist, who conducts his workshops professionally. We’ve had him in our studio for a 2 day workshop, and look forward to hosting many more in the future.Tracy S.Art Boutique, Kleinmond, South Africa

After attending one of Christopher’s workshops, it left me very inspired to explore a new medium of soft pastel. Chris’s workshop was very informative and he has an extensive knowledge and a way of teaching. I would encourage anyone who has not attended a workshop to do so.Ruben du Plessis

I did a pastel workshop with Christopher at Creative Arts Atelier. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. His relaxed style of teaching, individual attention made for a pleasant creative learning experience. I would recommend his workshops as time and money will spend. Would definitely invite him to come and do more workshops in the future.Sonja FrenzArtist

Christopher is a suberb artist and teacher, I recommend him!Charmé SoutheyArtist

I learned a lot on the 2 day course. Some myths & rules we had been taught for years went out of the window. A very liberating experience. Above all, I will test what I am told is the correct way to mix colour, compose a painting & what paints to buy. Thx Chris for the light-hearted, enthusiastic way you impart knowledge.Ann Green

Christopher has a wealth of information and generously shares his experience with his students. His ability to capture his subject is wonderful to watch. I have learnt more painting with Chris than I have in the five years I have been painting.Jenny Dugmore

Chris did two portraits from photographs for me. They are excellent representations of the photos and the people in them. He was able to catch the essence of their personality from the photo. My grandson’s blue eyes shine in the portrait just as they do in real life. My granddaughter’s pixie smile catches your attention. I would highly recommend Chris for any portrait work you want done.K. Jean WilliamsMotivational Speaker

We have several of Christopher Reid’s works of art hanging in our home(s). Not only have we purchased already completed pieces, but we have also commissioned him to do work for us. We have been extremely pleased with his finished products. He has the ability to capture the essence of the subject matter in a unique way, whether it be a portrait, a landscape, an animal or a seascape. The paintings have always arrived in a very timely manner and in excellent condition. Our framed finished products are treasured. We highly recommend his artistry to anyone who is looking for that special piece of artwork.Pam Murray

Chris’ art speaks for itself. His work has mass appeal and yet is anything but common. His years of dedication and love of his profession show in every piece that he produces.Kim BrandtPhotographer

Chris is an awesome artist and teacher… What he can make happen within his preferred mediums is simply amazing.David StarbuckArtist

In the fall of 2014 I met Chris Reid at a social function at my cousin’s home. He had painted a portrait of my cousin’s beloved Lab who had recently died. At her request, he brought some of his paintings to show the guests and I fell in love with a water color of a cat, “Kitty”, which has hung in my home in Atlanta ever sense. I enjoy it daily and especially enjoy the wonderful reactions the painting gets for guests.Charlie Bright

I feel fortunate to have discovered Christopher Reid’s artwork during a local Plein Air Art show a couple of years ago, before his meteoric rise and successes in our regional art scene. Particularly captivating to me are Chris’s depictions of water in all of its myriad forms, shapes, and moods. My gorgeous scene of the Cape Fear River, bridge, and city scape hang where I can see and enjoy it continually, and I never fail to receive comments and compliments on this striking piece. Chris has received too many awards and recognitions to even touch upon in this format, but his work speaks for itself on his website, overshadowed only by the vividness of the pieces in real life.Fern Bugg

I was so pleased to be able to take art classes from Christopher this past summer. He is such a fabulous artist as well as a great teacher. I feel like I learned so much under his watchful and talented eye and I miss our class time tremendously!Judie Daniels

There’s something to be said for spending at least 10,000 hours on your craft. Chris surpassed that milestone long ago. I know a few good artists, and even fewer great ones. He is one of the greats. Chris’ ability to translate the world around us into a 2-dimensional space is amazing. I can’t wait to see what he does next.Sean AitkenMusician, Artist, Senior Web Developer

My wife Jane – who is an aspiring artist – and I have met many artists over the years but almost none are in the same league as Christopher Reid. His work in all media is outstanding and his history of winning international art awards speaks for itself. His natural ability to assist and share his techniques with others are a fine measure of his open friendly personality and complete understanding of the subject. When teaching he gets full commitment from his students and they all leave lessons as better artists.Greg Baxter

Christopher Reid creates breathtaking watercolors that make ordinary, every day events seem magical. And best of all, he’s able to put that ability into his classes and workshops so that students learn much faster than expected. Ask me what I learned about backgrounds and jawlines today.Dorothy WilhelmTelevision and radio personality, Author

Highly skilled artist with excellent ability across variety of media and themes. Not only is Chris an esteemed and respected artist, he is also able to share his knowledge and experience with others according to their requirements.Rekha SinathFinance, Artist

Love this book! Finally someone wrote a great book on pastel painting. It is wonderfully informative and written in such an easy style. Mr. Reid not only covers all the basics of materials and set up for beginners, but he also includes several demos, plein air painting set up, and adds many extras for the intermediate and advanced pastelist. This is a book I will be returning to time and again as a great reference! Thank you so much for writing it, Mr. Reid, and for having me as a beta reader.Krista FulbrightTeacher, Artist

What a talented artist Chris Reid is. And so generous in teaching others what comes so naturally to him. Well done Chris!Ann JanksPsychologist