What size painting should I choose? What medium is best?

For small works, watercolor works best.
For larger works, go with pastels.
And acrylic, charcoal, or graphite work well in all sizes.


Tips for taking great photos used for portraits 

  1. Do not use flash if you can help it. Rather, use natural lighting or indoor lights.
  2. Take the photos from about 6-8 feet away (use zoom if necessary).
  3. Take multiple photos from different angles so you can pick the best.
  4. Try changing your level/height – Eg, squat down to take the photo.
  5. Take one good shot of the environment or background you want.
  6. Take several close-ups and several of the whole subject.
  7. Turn the camera vertically if it helps fill the frame with your subject.
  8. Sometimes a favorite toy or treat will help a pet or child relax for a better photo.
  9. Front-on portraits aren’t always best. Try 3/4 and profile too.
  10. Include any information about the subject that might help.